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More storms today, stronger storms for Friday

The heat and humidity continue for today and right on through Saturday. Highs will be in the mid to upper 80s and overnight lows will be near 70. We will see a few more storms around today than we did yesterday, but the best chance of storms comes on Friday. This is the result of a “cold” front that will be moving in. Some of the storms on Friday could be quite strong, with damaging winds being the main threat. By Saturday, we will still have some rain and storms around but by Saturday night we will see drier air filtering in behind that cold front. This time of year, the air behind these cold fronts is certainly not cold, but it is drier and that makes all the difference this time of year! Sunday is looking fantastic! Temps will be in the lower 80s and humidity levels will be very low for this time of year. Get out and enjoy it! The humidity begins creeping back in on Tuesday next week.

I have a super cool photo to show you this morning. It’s of Jupiter’s Red Spot, which is an enormous storm that has been ongoing for at least 350 years and is bigger than Earth! NASA’s Juno satellite did a fly-by last week that is the closest approach we’ve ever made to the planet. This is one of the images captured.

That is one heck of a storm, folks! Again, we’ll have spotty storms today but they will pick up in coverage and intensity on Friday. If you’re going to the Summer Concert Series this evening (over by the Library) to hear our very own John Bristow play, dress for hot weather! Hopefully we’ll dodge any storms! I just checked the latest model data and it shows a couple of storms around the plateau at 6:00 p.m., but they’re not over Crossville. Let’s hope that stays true!

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