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A heat wave fit for July

The heat is on, folks! Actually, temps are pretty much what we would expect for the second half of July. High temps will be running anywhere from two to five degrees above normal. It could certainly be worse! High temps through Wednesday will be in the 86-88 degree range, climbing closer to 90 by Thursday and on through the weekend. Humidity won’t be too bad today and tomorrow, but it will start returning in earnest by the end of the week.  Overnight lows to start the week will be in the mid 60s, but climbing to the lower 70s by the end of the week, thanks to more humid nights by then. Rain chances each day this week are very low. Of course, you can’t rule out an isolated heat-of-the-day pop up storm, but those will be very isolated at best.  It’s a good week to be on the lake!

I was looking at some of the weather events for our area for this time of year and found some interesting info. On July 16, 1980 Crossville hit 101 degrees, and that was the first time a temp of 100 had ever been officially recorded in Crossville.  That was a hot year! That same heat wave caused Crossville to break records every day of this week! Thank goodness it’s not 1980!

I’ve attached a graphic below to remind you of the heat safety rules. Stay cool out there!

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