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Eclipse forecast is looking good!

The latest model runs continue to trend drier and sunnier for us on Monday afternoon. Don’t head to the mountains along the East TN and North Carolina border, though. Clouds may obscure a lot of the view over those mountains. Even here on the plateau we still have to be ready to move, just in case a cloud threatens to hide totality at the last minute. There will be some clouds around, but the overall sky condition should be fine. Here is the latest model projection for Monday afternoon when it comes to precipitation. Notice we’re rain free, though we will have some clouds floating by. During totality it will get much darker and will be comparable to a full moon night. I’ll have much, much more on what you can expect to see later on today or Monday morning. I’m working on a list of things to see and the times at which you’ll see them during the eclipse. Tomorrow is going to be a very exciting day!



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