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Tropical Troubles?

Yesterday evening I watched a line of strong to severe storms make their way across the Nashville area. Some streets in downtown Nashville were nearly impassable due to high water. As that line made its way across Middle TN, it weakened significantly. It had all but completely fallen apart by the time it reached the plateau. We could still see a shower or two this morning, but the day will be dry for the most part. Humidity levels will start to drop off by this evening, as drier air works its way into the region from Canada. Thursday and Friday look great, with highs in the 70s and really low humidity. That low humidity will allow temps at night to fall into the lower 50s.

By the weekend, temps and humidity start to creep up. That will lead to a chance for an isolated shower or storm in the afternoons.

The big thing that all eyes are on this morning is the system in the southern Gulf. These are the remnants of what was Tropical Storm Harvey. We expect those remnants to reorganize into a tropical storm again (it’ll still be Harvey) and make landfall along the Texas coastline near the Houston-Galveston area. Yesterday, models frightened us a bit by blowing this up into a major hurricane. That would be quite significant considering Houston is the fourth largest city in the US. However, models have trended back to weaker, as they had before yesterday, so we’re feeling a bit better about it today. Harvey could still reach hurricane status and it is certainly being monitored heavily as it makes its way across those ocean waters today. The storm will make landfall sometime Friday and then it may stall over the area. This could led to incredible flooding but it will also mean that we won’t see the affects of it until the middle or end of next week, rather than the beginning of the week like we thought yesterday. It’s all worth keeping an eye on, for sure. If the system fails to stall and makes its way here quicker, we’ll be expecting lots of rain and isolated tropical tornadoes. If the system stalls in Texas for a day or two, we’ll just be looking at lighter, steadier rainfall with little to no severe weather threat.

I’ll keep you posted! For now, be sure and enjoy the lower humidity for the next few days.

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