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Will Harvey impact us?

As we watch one of the worst natural disasters in US history unfold over Texas, we can’t help but wonder what impact Tropical Storm Harvey will have on us here in Tennessee. The once category four hurricane has now been downgraded to a tropical storm, but it will continue to produce severe weather and heavy rainfall for days to come. Currently, it is positioned right on the Texas coastline again and is expected to move back over the Gulf today. The storm will strengthen into a stronger tropical storm before making landfall again near Houston. They have already broke their all-time record for rainfall, with another 10-20 inches of rain on the way. This is the worst storm we’ve seen since Katrina in 2005. It’s hard to believe that it went from a 35 mph depression to a category four hurricane (130 mph) in only 48 hours! That is impressive and scary.

After the storm makes landfall later Tuesday night near Houston, it will slowly track north-northeast and eventually weaken to a tropical depression (winds of 35 mph). It is expected to track to Memphis by Friday afternoon. This would put us on the right side of the storm, which is the rainiest side. That would mean a very wet Labor Day weekend for us. However, confidence in this track forecast is very low, so stay tuned!

Meanwhile, we have another tropical storm developing off the southeast coast. That storm will be Irma and will bring heavy rainfall to the South Carolina coast today and tomorrow. The Coast of North Carolina will get in on the action tomorrow. If that weren’t enough, another disturbance has just rolled off the African coast of and has a high chance of becoming a tropical storm, with models hinting at a US threat in a about a week to ten days. Whew, can you tell we’re nearing the peak of hurricane season?

As for our weather, expect cloudy skies, along with scattered showers and t-storms. That forecast will persist right on through the week. Rain chances will really go up for Friday, Saturday and Sunday if the remnants of Harvey move over us. No widespread severe weather is anticipated this week. I’m currently watching  a very heavy band of rainfall stretching from Nashville to Jackson, TN but it is practically stationary at the moment.

Switching gears, tomorrow is the anniversary of the devastating 1990 hailstorm that hit Crossville. You’ll want to tune in tomorrow for that story!

Below are some scenes from Houston.




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