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Irma heading for Crossville!

The 1:00 pm update on Irma is out and a path toward Crossville is looking more and more likely.  The center of the storm, which should be weakened to a tropical storm or depression, should pass just to our south and then west. This puts us in the highest tornado potential, heavy rainfall, and gusty winds. We could see sustained winds on Tuesday of 35-40 mph and higher gusts. Isolated tornadoes will also be likely. Remember, tornadoes from tropical systems are usually weak and short-lived. Here is the latest track:


Irma is currently strengthening and is almost back to cat 5 status. Jose, which is behind Irma, has strengthened today and is also almost a cat 5 hurricane. Unfortunately, it will hit some of the same islands Irma devastated, before it curves northward.

Hurricane Katia is now a cat 2 storm with 105 mph winds. It will be headed into Mexico. Unfortunately, the west side of Mexico was hit with a terrible 8.2 earthquake this morning.

You’ve probably heard about the big wildfires out west? If you haven’t, we needn’t forget the disaster that Montana and several western states are in with fires, heat, and drought. Some of that smoke has now drifted our way, thanks to northwesterly winds bringing it our way. You may notice the sunsets being a beautiful orange color over the next few evenings. Particulates from smoke can make beautiful sunsets.

Finally the earth has been hit with a huge solar storm over the last 24 hours. What has NOT happened lately, right? (ha) The northern lights will be visible as far south as Kentucky tonight! We MAY be able to see them from here. I’ll be out looking and I will send posts out on Facebook and at if I see anything. When northern lights are this far south they appear as reddish streaks on the northern horizon. I’ve seen them from here before but it’s been many years ago. It’s worth looking for!

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