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The first raindrops from Irma have arrived

The first raindrops from Irma are now beginning to fall outside. Expect rainfall to pick up in coverage and intensity as we go through the evening and into the night.  Winds will begin to increase, as well. I’ve already noticed a couple of 13 mph winds gusts on our rooftop weather station here at TAP. Chattanooga is reporting 22 mph wind gusts and Atlanta has been reporting gusts to 38 mph. All that is moving our way and winds will increase rather quickly. We could see sustained winds of 15-25 mph tonight, with some gusts of up to 40 mph. Folks south of Crossville may even have some 50 mph gusts.

Below is the radar at 2:15 pm. All activity is moving toward us from Knoxville and Chattanooga, rotating around Tropical Storm Irma.  The center of the storm is located where the red X is in southern Georgia. Maximum sustained winds are still 60 mph. Once they drop below 40 mph, it will be a Depression.



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