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“Irma” lingers as signs of fall begin showing

The wind advisory has been allowed to expire and rainfall has become very scattered and light. This should the case for the rest of the day; just isolated showers and clouds. The remnants of Irma are now in northern Alabama and will swing up into West TN as we go through the day. Tomorrow, those remnants get pushed eastward, back toward us, so more showers are in the forecast for Wednesday and Wednesday night. Things should gradually start to clear out on Thursday. On Friday, we start a warming trend under sunny skies, with highs in the mid 70s. We’ll climb to near 80 for the weekend under mostly sunny skies. That weather will continue into at least the first part of next week. This will be the warmest streak of weather we’ve had in a long time!

We were very lucky with Irma. We were in the perfect position to have to worry about tornadoes, but the air temps were cool enough that storms couldn’t become strong enough to spawn tornadoes. And while there have been some sporadic power outages around the plateau this morning, it’s nothing compared to what we could have had if Irma had been a stronger storm. We’ve seen damage from these systems before and we will again. We’re just fortunate to have been spared this time. Today is the anniversary of the landfall of Hurricane Frederick along the Gulf Coast in 1979. The cat 3 storm was the costliest hurricane the US had ever experienced and prompted the larges coastal evacuation we had ever seen. A 12-15-foot storm surge struck the Alabama and western Florida Panhandle Gulf Coast as winds gusted over 140 mph. The center of Frederick tracked right across Middle TN as a tropical storm. The storm didn’t lose it’s tropical storm status until it reached Ohio.

This morning I am still monitoring Hurricane Jose out in the Atlantic. Right now the storm is making a loop and is forecast to swing back toward the US by Sunday. As of now, the models have it hugging the east coast and then swinging out to sea. That’s good news for now, but models will change between now and then. I’ll keep an eye on it!

Some of you may have noticed that some of our trees are beginning to show some hints of color already. I think these cloudy, cool days have tricked the trees into thinking it’s a bit later than what it is. I always hate to see summer go, and it seems to come and go quicker every year. Then, I saw these pics on Twitter by weatherTAP Follower Mindy Armstrong of Virginia. She took these photos in the Virginia mountains over the past weekend. How can you not like this time of year after seeing these? Incidentally, our average first frost in Crossville is October 19th, but with things seaming to be about two weeks ahead of schedule, I wouldn’t be surprised to see it come earlier this year. The long-range forecast does indicate below-normal temps for the first week of October, so we may indeed see frost early this year. Heck, I’ll be talking snow before you know it! 😮






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