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Warm, sunny days are coming!

We have a couple more dreary days of rain, clouds, and cooler temperatures and then you’re going to love the forecast for Friday, Saturday and Sunday! The remnants of Irma are currently spinning over western Kentucky and will gradually move east over the next couple of days. This will keep us in clouds and showers through Thursday. Rainfall amounts will be rather light, a quarter inch or so.

Then, break out  the sunshine for Friday! High temps on Friday and through the weekend will hit 80 (or better) and overnight lows will be near 60. I don’t know about you, but I’m really liking this streak we’re on with good weather for the weekends! Unseasonably warm temps will continue right on into next week.

I was looking at the national weather map this morning and guess what I saw? Winter storm watches and winter weather advisories for Montana and eastern Idaho! Can you believe it’s already that time? Well, actually it’s a bit early but everything is running early this year. The higher elevations could see up to half a foot of snow, while the valleys will see about two inches. This is the first time I’ve gotten to use our new weatherTAP winter weather map since we launched the new site back in the spring.  The western US is about to be below normal in temperatures for the next couple of weeks, then that will shift eastward. I wouldn’t be surprised if that brings us our first frost the first week  or so of October.



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