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The sun will come out…tomorrow

The sun is shining in Memphis and those clear skies are slowly moving this way! Memphis is reporting partly cloudy skies and 67 degrees. We’re cloudy, drizzly, and 59 degrees. This is one of those rare moments when I wish I were in Memphis (ha). Be patient…those clearer skies will be here tomorrow. We may see a peak of sun before the day is over but I wouldn’t bet on it. Highs tomorrow through Tuesday will be near 80 and overnight lows will be around 60. That’s perfect September weather, folks!

A front approaches us the middle of next week and that will bring our next best chance of rain. Incidentally, the temperature outlook over the next week to ten days indicates above normal temperatures , followed by below normal temperatures the last weekend of this month and into the first week of October.

I’m still watching Hurricane Jose out in the Atlantic. He keeps cycling around out there. Some have joked that he’s had too much Jose Cuervo (ha). Models still have him swinging close to the coast but not making landfall. It still needs to be watched. Jose won’t be alone out there for long. We have two more storms developing in the eastern Atlantic, with models indicating that they may both be problems for the US in about ten days or so. They would be Lee and Maria.


Make plans to get out this weekend and enjoy the beautiful weather. We all know these pretty weekends are numbered, and winter will be here before we turn around. I’ll leave you with something else I recently found. It’s a website that shows the current winds across the world. You can see all the cyclones, etc of the world and you can zoom in/out. There’s a bar across the bottom of the page that will let you jump to the next several days for the wind forecast. It’s pretty cool to watch!

You all have a great day, despite the weather!

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