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Quiet here but active in the tropics

The weather for the first half of this week is looking pretty darn good! We’ll be warm every day this week, with highs around 80 and lows in the lower 60s. Sunshine will be the rule of the day today, but we’ll see more clouds the rest of the week. There’ll still be lots of sun, but clouds will become more prominent in the afternoons with each passing day. This is a summer forecast, for sure! Rain chances start to tick up tomorrow, though most of us will stay dry. The best chance of rain this week looks to be Thursday and Friday, with 40-50% chances.

The tropics continue to be very active! We still have Jose hanging out off the East Coast. He’s basically just kicking up some good waves all along the eastern seaboard. Hurricane hunters are actually out investigating him right now, so we’ll likely have some new information within the next few hours. Jose is expected to slowly move north and then loop back around on Thursday. This storm just does not want to go out to sea! Hurricane Maria is almost a major hurricane now and should be a major hurricane by noon today. The storm will, unfortunately, move across some of the same islands ravaged by Hurricane Irma. One of those islands, Barbuda, is uninhabited for the first time in 300 years. If Maria hits them, I’m not sure they’ll ever recover.  Maria will then hit Puerto Rico as a major hurricane and then hopefully move north out over the open Atlantic, away from the US.  We’ll have to watch that though, as that forecast could change. It would be next weekend before anyone in the US would have to worry about it, if we have to worry about it at all. Then, finally, there’s Lee and he’s way behind Maria. He’s been downgraded to a depression now and should continue to fizzle out over the Atlantic.

It’s an active time for the tropics and we certainly can’t let our guards down.  We just don’t want to see the recovery efforts in Texas, Louisiana, Florida, and Georgia set back from another storm. We also hope Puerto Rico isn’t too devastated by Maria. It could get very rough there.

You all have a great day and try to get out and enjoy this beautiful weather. I wish we could bottle it up and use it in the middle of January…

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