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Afternoon update

Good afternoon, everyone. I wanted to give you an afternoon forecast update since I wasn’t able to do a morning update. We have some scattered storms around and some of those storms, though isolated in nature, could be strong to briefly severe. It’s basically just like a hot and humid summer afternoon out there. These storms pulse up, throw down some gusty winds, heavy rain, and lightning and then they either move on or die out. We can expect similar weather for the next 5 days, though each day will have more or less storms around. This is a very summer-like pattern we’re in but I can see it’s demise coming down the road. If you like much cooler weather, just be patient because it is coming. A big cold front will arrive the end of next week and that is going to change things dramatically. More on that next week!

Below is a current radar image. All storms are moving southwest, which is backwards from what we normally expect. For instance, those storms near Chattanooga are moving toward Huntsville.


Hurricane Maria continues to be a strong hurricane but confidence is growing that the storm will be moving out to sea, away from the US. That’s some good news!

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