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Fall is only hours away!

We officially start fall at 3:02 pm today! It’ s a little hard to believe, though, considering we’re already 72 degrees and our humidity is nearly 60%. This hot stretch of weather will persist for the next week, with highs in the 80s and lows in the 60s. The only chance of rain we have is a slight chance of a t-storm in the afternoons. By the end of next week the pattern will begin changing and fall-like air will begin to settle in just in time for October.

I’ve mentioned before but I’ll mention it again, in meteorology we do seasons a bit differently. We just do three month increments. In other words, September-November is fall, December-February is winter, and so on. The astronomers go by the sun and it’s position relative to the tropics of Cancer and Capricorn, as well as the equator. Today, the sun is directly over the equator at 3:02 central time. This means that day and night are exactly 12 hours all over the globe today. That’s why it’s also called the equinox (equal). The first day of summer is when the sun is directly over the Tropic of Cancer and the first day of winter is when the sun is directly over the Tropic of Capricorn.   I took this picture from home this morning. The last summer sunrise of 2017. Isn’t that a beautiful way to end the summer?


This morning is a far cry from how it was here on this morning in 1983, when it was 33 degrees, tying a record low for this date (the other time was 1956).

Also, today is the 1989 anniversary of the landfall of Hurricane Hugo (cat 4) in South Carolina. To this day, that is the strongest hurricane to make landfall along the Atlantic coast north of Florida.  The Christmas before this I had asked Santa for a 13″ black and white tv for my bedroom. I’m not sure why I didn’t aim higher and ask for something a little bigger with color (ha). Anyway, Santa brought me one and I set it on my dresser. Now, keep in mind that in 1989 major hurricanes were very rare for the US. Hugo was the BIG news and for a kid who was already starting to love weather this was an even bigger deal! The local news stations were all covering it live that evening and I begged mom and dad to let me stay up and watch it make landfall. Thankfully, they said I could and, shortly after midnight, Hugo roared ashore. The reporters were out covering it on the beaches as the winds howled to over 130 mph and a 9-foot storm surge plowed over everything in sight. I was mesmerized and knew that meteorology was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. Thank goodness Santa brought me that tv and thank goodness mom and dad let me stay up late! ha

Come to think of it, I probably asked for a small black and white tv because I knew good and well there wasn’t a snowballs chance in Haiti I was getting anything better than that if Santa saw how I treated my little brothers! 🙂

You all have a great Friday and a nice weekend!


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