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Beautiful fall weather ahead!

Charlotte Carter and I are back from our weatherTAP trade show in Murfreesboro! It was so nice getting to meet so many first responders who trust weatherTAP over every other source for their weather information. And, of course, we picked up some more customers who work in police departments, emergency management, etc.  It should make us all proud to work for a company that is relied on so heavily by those who are counted on during times of crisis.

Well, there’s certainly no emergency-mode weather in our forecast anytime soon! As is rather typical of the Autumn season, our forecast features warm, sunny afternoon and crisp, cool nights. That will really get the fall colors going. First, we have to get through today. This will be our last hot day for a long, long time. We have a cold front coming through tonight but it looks like it will be a dry front. I wouldn’t be shocked if it sets off a shower or t-shower, but more than likely it won’t. Highs tomorrow and for the next week will be around 70, with lows in the 40s. Even more cooler weather may arrive next week. I’ll keep you posted.  It also looks like precipitation will be below normal for the next month, so keep that in mind when out burning, etc.

I had a story about how we get frost published in the Livingston Enterprise yesterday! I’ll share it with you all soon.

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