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Nate is on the way!

We have two more good days left of this beautiful weather streak we’ve been on and then it all starts going downhill, thanks to Nate. So, try and get outside today and tomorrow and enjoy this weather. There’s usually all kinds of events planned on the weekends this time of year, including the Allardt Pumpkin Festival tomorrow.  Highs today and tomorrow will be near 80, with lows near 60.

We do have a very slight chance of a storm Saturday afternoon, owing to the increasing humidity that we’ll start to feel as Nate gets closer and starts swinging some humid, Gulf Coast air up this way. Keep in mind that this storm originated down near South America and has been gathering all that hot, humid air as it has journeyed this way. This means Sunday and Monday will be very humid, with heavy downpours of rain and wind gusts to 35 mph. Make sure you’re prepared for sporadic power outages, just in case. Also, secure anything you don’t want blown around, like garbage cans or the cushions to your lawn furniture, etc.  By the time the storm moves out, we should be looking at 2-3 inches of rainfall.

Rain and storms continue Tuesday as cold front sweeps through.  That front should clear us out for the mid to end of next week.

Tropical storm and hurricane watches have been issued for portions of the Gulf Coast. I know a LOT of folks from around here are heading down there this weekend for fall break. The worst of the storm will hit from New Orleans to Biloxi, and they are under hurricane watches. Nate could briefly reach minimal hurricane status just before landfall (80 mph). The Panhandle of Florida will be on the right side of the storm, which is the worse side to be on, but even that should be manageable. We’re looking at winds of 30-40 mph, with gusts to 50 mph or so. Rainfall of 4-6 inches is expected but their sandy soils handle rainfall amounts like that much better than we do. Basically, I would make sure I was down there by dark Saturday and then count on being indoors all day Sunday. This is a fast moving tropical system, thanks to this approaching cold front kicking it out of there. That speed is also one reason why it won’t have time to strengthen into a bigger hurricane.  All in all, this storm shouldn’t’ be too bad. I’ll be watching it, though,  so if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to let me know!

I’ll end by answering a question I got this morning.  Some of you may have wondered if this warm weather is Indian Summer? The Farmer’s Almanac defines Indian Summer as a period of warmth in the Autumn that follows the first hard frost. Since we have yet to experience our first frost this year, we can’t technically call this Indian Summer. If you ever have a weather question, just let me know! I’ll have us all turned into junior meteorologists before you know it! ha

You all have a great day and a great weekend!



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