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Fall-like temps are in sight!

Yes, fall-like temps are in sight, but we still have plenty of warm weather to get through first. And yes, the sun will come out today. We are seeing a weak disturbance move through this morning and that has produced more cloud cover than expected. The sun will soon begin to burn off these low clouds, once it gets at a strong enough angle to do so. We’ll see highs today in the low 70s, followed by upper 70s for the rest of the week and into Sunday. Lows each night will be near 60. On Sunday a strong cold front will approach and that will increase our rain and storm chances. Most of that activity should hold off until Sunday night, though. We may be looking at a chance of severe storms with that front, too, and I’ll keep an eye on that. Behind this front, temps drop and we’ll finally see October temps! Highs next week will be in the low to mid 60s, with lows near 40. Afternoon skies will be that clear October blue. These are also perfect conditions for beautiful fall colors to really get going.

You know, those beautiful blue skies are often what we associate with October. It is, after all, one of our driest months and the weather is, as we weather weenies say, rather boring (esp if there are no hurricanes…yawn..). But not every October is that way! And we always have to be mindful that, as the seasons change, we often see an uptick in severe weather in November in the South. I’ll let you know if I see anything in sight when we get there. So, it is surprising that on this date in 1811 the very first tornado to be officially recorded in TN hit Nashville. You’d certainly think that would have happened in the spring and not October, right? I have included an interesting account of that storm below. Thankfully, no lives were lost but it certainly sounds like it made quite the mess!


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