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Frost tonight?

Fall is back! Our temperature right now (8:30 a.m.) is only 49 degrees here at TAP with a northeast breeze at around 10 mph. It finally feels like October! Our high today will likely not reach 60 degrees with a north breeze blowing most of the day. Tonight, those winds will calm and, with clear skies, we may actually see some scattered frost in the morning. Lows are expected to drop to 36-38, but low-lying, typically colder areas could drop lower than that and see some frost. Our average first frost is around the middle of October, so we would be right on time if we see that tonight. Tomorrow we warm into the lower 60s and we may see some more scattered frost tomorrow night.

The rest of the week and into the weekend look absolutely beautiful, with highs in the 60s and lows in the 40s.  There is no chance of rain in sight. Which reminds me, don’t forget that it is no longer legal to burn anything outside without a permit. That always goes into effect October 15 through May 15 (fire season) but that is especially true with the dry streak we’ll be on this week.

Our thoughts go out to all those effected by the remnants of Hurricane Ophelia across Ireland, Wales, and the UK today. A few days ago, Ophelia became the strongest hurricane ever recorded that far north and east in the Atlantic when it reached cat 3 status. The storm is now extra-tropical, meaning it now as fronts, but is still a very powerful storm. A wind gust of 97 mph has already been reported in southwest Ireland and one fatality has been reported from a fallen tree.  All schools and universities are closed today across the island. This is the strongest storm to hit Ireland in 30 years.

You have a great day and enjoy this fall-like weather!

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