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Dry weather continues through Saturday

This beautiful weather will continue right on through Saturday. Highs each day will be near 70, lows each night in the 40s. I saw some scattered frost again this morning but nothing like yesterday morning. We should be through with frost for a while now, as temps warm at night just enough to keep us safe from frost.

Models aren’t handling the arrival of the next front as well as they were yesterday. Still, it looks like rain chances should start increasing Sunday  and really ramping up Sunday night and Monday.  Hopefully, that front will clear on out of here by Tuesday. Some models are suggesting it will linger but I’d be surprised if that’s the case. Very chilly air will spill in here in the wake of that front and we will see the coolest air of the season. This will likely bring our first freeze of the season by midweek.

All in all, it’s a pretty quite day weather-wise across the US. There’s no chance of severe weather or winter weather anywhere. The biggest news in our country are the wildfires in California. They continue to wreck havoc for those folks. But California isn’t alone, hundreds of wildfires swept across Portugal over this past weekend, killing 41 people. The fires, believe it or not, were a consequence of Ophelia passing to the west. The nearby storm whipped up winds that, along with low humidity and temps near 90 degrees, were the perfect recipe for wildfires. As of yesterday, firefighters reported that most of the fires are under control now. Three days of national mourning have been declared, however, to remember those lives lost. It was only four months ago that wildfires broke out there and killed 64 people.  Our fire season has started here, as of October 15, so be sure and remember to get a permit if you’re burning anything. And be very mindful of how you control that fire.

I’ll keep an eye on this chilly air coming for next week. It looks like we may not have any severe weather with the front, so that’s good news.

You all have a great day and try to enjoy this nice weather!

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