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A pattern of change

After a very frosty start this morning, we’ll warm into the lower 60s by the afternoon. It looks like our official low may have been 33, which is just a degree away from our first freeze. If you’re hoping for that freeze, you don’t have to wait long. Sunday night will take care of that for us, as we’ll likely dip into the upper 20s. But, meanwhile we can enjoy an afternoon that reminds us of spring again! Calm winds and plenty of sunshine will go along with those highs in the 60s to make for a very pleasant afternoon. Enjoy it, because it won’t last long with this quickly changing weather pattern we’re in, which is typical when seasons start changing. Tonight we’ll drop into the mid 40s with light southerly winds.

Those light winds will really pick up on Friday and will get quite gusty by the afternoon and evening. They will be southerly winds, though, so they will be bringing up much warmer air. Highs Friday afternoon could climb to near 70, depending on how quickly clouds begin moving in. These winds are ahead of a very strong storm system that will be moving in here Friday night. The storm threat with this front looks low, due to the speed of the cold front not allowing enough time for moist air from the Gulf to get here. That moist air may reach as far north as the TN border of Alabama, where severe storms could cause problems across the Deep South Friday, with isolated tornadoes not out of the question. We are very fortunate that this front is moving as quickly as it is or we would have found ourselves in a potentially dangerous storm situation.  Instead, we’ll find that the front may only be accompanied by a band of rain that could have a rumble of thunder with it. The rain really picks up behind the front, as an upper level disturbance moves in with the colder air.  This would have been an ideal scenario for us to have gotten snow if only it were a bit later in the year (insert a *sigh* here from a meteorologist who wants snow). This very chilly rain will be with us through the day on Saturday, with highs only climbing into the lower 40s behind this front. I mean seriously, snow and highs in the 30s would have been SO much better than cold rain! But, I digress….

The cold rain will taper off gradually Saturday night and if the temp drops into the lower 30s before the rain moves completely out, we could see some of that change over to some flurries or a snow shower. So,  we get ALL that cold rain on Saturday (1-2″) that would have been about 12-18″ of snow, but instead we get cold rain and a few flurries on the tail end. Again, I digress….

Sunday looks like a pretty good day, with partly cloudy skies and highs in the 40s. Then, we should get our first hard freeze Sunday night.  Monday and Tuesday we’ll bring us more highs in the 50s, before our next storm system blows in here by Wednesday.

The worst thing about the change of seasons for us weather weenies is that we just can’t decide what we want. There’s a blizzard across the northern Plains developing today, with 4-15 inches of snow and winds from 45-65 mph (Geez, that sounds amazing!). So, we kinda want that. But then there’s that tropical thing in the Caribbean moving north that may bring heavy rain and gusty winds to Florida over the weekend. So, we kinda revert back to our summer ways and want that. But, then there’s the risk for severe weather and tornadoes to our south tomorrow, so we kinda want to think of spring and reminisce over those days of wild severe weather. It’s enough to give me a headache.  Well, one thing is for certain and that is the fact that the weather is anything but boring these days! And trust me, the last thing you want is a bored weather weenie 🙂


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