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A weekend of first freezes and snow flakes

It’s not very often that you see a place get their first snow flakes before the first hard freeze. But, we did just that here on the plateau this weekend! We woke up to flakes flying around Sunday morning and then woke up to thick frost this morning. It looks like temps stayed below freezing for at least 6 hours last night, ensuring that our growing season officially ended.  It looks like the highest elevations of the Smokies picked up anywhere from 1-4″ of snow yesterday and last night. Folks were posting pictures of Cades Cove, too, where it looks like they got a good dusting to half an inch.  There’s just nothing like those first flakes of the season, especially when they come in October! (see pics at bottom of this post)

We’ll see sunshine most of the day today, though we should see clouds increase this afternoon. We have  dry frontal boundary slipping through and that will bring some clouds. Highs today should top out in the lower 50s, especially as southerly breezes kick in a bit of warmer air. Tonight we’ll be back into the  mid 30s with patchy frost. Tuesday we’ll be mostly sunny with highs in the mid 50s. Right now, it looks like tomorrow will be our nicest day of the week, so try to get out and enjoy it.  Halloween night will be dark but not stormy. We will see clouds increasing and maybe even a shower by daybreak. Lows will be near 40.

The rest of the week looks cloudy and unsettled but warmer. That unsettled weather should continue into the weekend but I’ll keep an eye on it.

Today is the anniversary of one of the most widespread, historic October snowstorms on record. It was October 30, 1925. Snow fell over a large portion of the eastern US, bringing many folks their earliest snowfall on record.  Even Nashville picked up an inch of snow, which is their earliest snowfall on record. I tried to see what Crossville picked up but I can’t find that record.  So, it can snow this time of year, for sure, it’s just really rare.

You all have a great day and if you’re not a fan of this colder weather, just hang on. Warmer air is soon on the way! You know what they say, if you don’t like the weather in TN just wait ten minutes and it’ll change (esp when the seasons are changing!).

Below are pics from the mountains over the weekend. Almost makes ya want to put up the Christmas tree, right?……


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