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A Seattle-like morning on the plateau

It’s a very foggy, misty and cloudy morning out there today. Temps are hovering in the lower 40s and we will only rise a few degrees from here today. The clouds are in no hurry to leave, so look for them to hang around all day.  This is what I call perfect napping weather (don’t tell Rob! ha).  Tonight, we’ll only drop into the upper 30s with clouds still hanging around.  A disturbance will slide just to our south, so the bulk of the rainfall will be south of our area, though some showers are likely to sneak up this way, especially if you live south of Crossville.

We should finally see some sun on Thursday, but I’m not going so far as to call it a mostly sunny day. There will still be plenty of clouds around. It will finally be drier, though, so that’s good news. Thursday night will be a very chilly night, with lows dropping to near freezing under clearing skies. Then, we finally get two nice days in a row! Both Friday and Saturday look sunny with highs near 50. We may even get close to 55 degrees on Saturday. Friday night will be our coldest night of the week, with lows dropping to near 30.

Our next storm system begins rolling in here Saturday night, and by Sunday we should be seeing widespread showers. There is still no bitter cold air in sight.

I’m trying to get an idea of what Thanksgiving’s weather will be like, but it’s still a bit too early. November is like April in that it is the month when weather tends to change the most dramatically and quick! The seasons are changing and it’s hard to pinpoint that far out what we can expect. As soon as I see a reliable trend, I’ll let you know. The earliest indications are that it will be warm and dry. I’ll keep you posted.

Personally, I hope to be so full on Thanksgiving I don’t care what the weather is doing! Ahh, I’m just kidding.  I could never get that full! I just hope it’s not a boring sunny day. Those are the worst! 😉

You all have a great day and enjoy this Seattle weather!

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