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On the brink of sunshine…

A disturbance moving through the Deep South this morning is pulling in some drier air behind it. This drier air has really helped clear the skies for folks to our west. The clouds are, of course, hung up on the plateau this morning but we may get some of that drier air to punch in here and help break up our clouds by the afternoon. Yesterday, it looked like our skies would be cloudy all day, but now it looks like we may see some sunshine after all! Let’s just hope these clouds don’t stay stuck on the plateau all day, as they sometimes do.

Visible satellite at 8:50 shows the clearing line just to our west, but it’s really enjoying its stay on the plateau!


Highs today should climb into the lower 50s, unless these clouds stick around. Lows tonight will drop into the lower 30s. Friday will be our coolest day of the week, as more cooler air works southward. Highs will reach only into the upper 40s under sunny skies. Expect sub-freezing temps Friday night, as lows drop into the mid to upper 20s. Veteran’s Day on Saturday is looking great, with sunshine and highs in the low to mid 50s.

Our next system begins to move in here Saturday night, with increasing clouds leading to mostly cloudy skies on Sunday. Those clouds may bring some showers on Sunday, though models have been trending drier for the day. Our best chance of showers may hold off until Sunday night, with rainfall amounts on the light side.

So, for those of us who would like to see some snow there doesn’t appear to by any chance of that anytime soon. Temps are finally more seasonable, but still not cool enough to give us any snow flakes. Can you believe someone posted  a meme on my Facebook wall that said if I was praying for a blizzard to go to Dairy Queen!? I just shake my head and realize I’ll never understand snow haters (HA).

You know, on a more somber note, when we have colder weather this time of year it thwarts the chances of severe storms. I bring this up to remind those of you who may have forgotten that November is our secondary tornado season and of what happened here 15 years ago tomorrow.  I remember it all very well. I also remember the day before, which was on a Saturday. It was a rather normal November day, as I remember. I was an undergrad at Tech and had come home for the weekend. Dad and I decided to visit my grandparents that evening, and I’ll never forget how much the wind picked up while we were there visiting. They live on a bit of a hill and they get a lot of wind, but this was strong winds even for them. A warm front was moving northward that night and the winds were screaming from the south. I remember going outside as we were leaving and it was noticeably more warm and humid.  I told dad it wasn’t good for us to get this warm and humid in November. By Sunday morning, the air was thick with humidity. It was like a summer morning. It was the kind of air that causes you to worry.

What happened that Sunday evening was unlike anything we had ever seen in Cumberland County. We were no strangers to tornadoes but this one was different. Tune in tomorrow for much, much more on the 15th anniversary of the most powerful and deadly tornado to ever strike Cumberland County.

Storm reports from November 10, 2002. Notice the red dots (tornado reports) right across our area.


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