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A new addition to the blog!


Starting today, I will begin each blog with a graphic like the one pictured above. It will be your basic “day-at-a-glance” five-day outlook for the week. The specific details of the forecast will then be found in the blog. I hope you like the new addition!

After a very foggy start to the day, we should see abundant sunshine the rest of the day, along with warming temps.  More sunshine is expected tomorrow before our next storm system begins moving in Friday night. This is the system that has had our attention for several days now. Like I said yesterday, the wind fields and dynamics are in place for strong to severe storms, but the availability of surface moisture is rather lacking. Models have increased moisture a bit this morning, so that would increase our chances of storms. I still don’t expect widespread severe weather. The bulk of the activity should come through in the afternoon and into the evening. As always, I’ll keep an eye on it and let you know if anything changes.

The wind will be noticeably strong on Saturday, so make sure anything you have that’s loose outside that you don’t want blowing over is secured. Those winds will be warm and southerly Saturday morning, but they will switch to northerly by Saturday night. And boy, are you going to notice! After highs near 60 on Saturday, we’ll be lucky to hit 40 on Sunday. Expect a really hard freeze Sunday night, with some folks possibly touching 18 or 19 degrees by sunrise Monday.

Looking ahead to next week…As you all know, long-range forecasts are very tricky. I mentioned yesterday that the models were showing a lot of activity for the Gulf Coast that would rob us of significant rainfall. Models have taken that activity away but still have us mostly dry on Wednesday. I’m sure the models will change many more times, so we’re not sure what it’s going to do Wednesday or Thanksgiving weekend. Heck, at one point yesterday one of the models had a little too much “kool-aid” and predicted 15″ of snow for us for Thanksgiving  weekend(ha)! Relax, it took it all away on the next model run. We will have a strong cold front come through on Wednesday, it’s just unknown how much rainfall will come along with it (if any).  I did notice that one model wants to bring in some snow flurries Thanksgiving night. It’ll be interesting to see if that forecast stays consistent with future model runs.

Speaking of strong cold fronts, on this date in 1955 we had a cold front that moved through Crossville that dropped the temperature 44 degrees! After an afternoon high of 69, the temp dropped to 25 degrees when the front passed! Whew….talk about a shock! I noticed another national record from the 1950s, too. On this date in 1959 the most severe November cold wave in U.S. history produced a morning low of…..are you sitting down? A morning low of 53 degrees BELOW ZERO in Lincoln, Montana! Geez! That’s an all-time record low for the nation for the month of November. That’s one record I bet the folks of Lincoln could have lived without! I literally just chilled thinking about that temperature (ha).

You all have a great day and if your day doesn’t go so well just be glad it’s not 53 degrees below zero outside. It’s all about perspective, folks 🙂

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