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A “boring” week of weather


I guess this is probably as good as week as any to have boring weather, right? (ha) But seriously, it’s not often you see a Thanksgiving week so good for travel across such a large swath of the country.  By now, you probably know that when I’m bored that means the weather is bad for me, but good for you (ha).

You may have noticed it’s a bit breezy out there this morning. These winds are ahead of the next front that will be moving through tonight. It’s a dry front, so we’re not looking for any rainfall, except maybe a stray shower or sprinkle (at best!). This front will bring our temps down for Wednesday through Thanksgiving, but nothing too chilly. If you have any outdoor, travel, or shopping plans over the weekend don’t let the weather stop ya! You couldn’t have ordered better weather for those things.

Guess what happened one year ago this morning? A very anxious Meteorologist Mark walked into weatherTAP for his very first day! I can’t believe it’s already been a year! It was also quite the change for me. After teaching meteorology for several years at Mississippi State, this was  a big adjustment. But, it’s certainly been a good one! After being gone for more than 10 years, it was nice to be able to move back home where all my family is.  I couldn’t ask for better people to work for and with, and that’s certainly something I’m very thankful for. Plus, Lord knows you all needed a meteorologist! I don’t know how you made it without me! (haha)

I was thinking about the weather we were having on my first day here and remembered that awful drought we were stuck in. Remember how dry it was around here? It was dry all across the eastern half of the country, with the worst of the worst conditions stretching across East TN, north Georgia and Alabama.  Here’s the drought map from this time last year. Look how intense the drought was on us. I’ll have more on this tomorrow! You all have a great day!



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