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A beautiful Thanksgiving forecast


Once these clouds clear out of here, we’ll be in for mostly sunny skies right on through the weekend. The clouds this morning are from a cold front that is passing through. That will make for a cooler day today than we had yesterday. We’ll do this all over again Saturday night into Sunday morning when another dry cold front moves through.

The only holiday travel troubles today are in the Northeast and Northwest. Everything in between is smooth sailing. And the storm systems on each coast aren’t significant enough to cause major travel problems/delays. All in all, we’re getting some pretty nice Thanksgiving travel weather this year.

We all have our Thanksgiving traditions and one of mine, like millions of others, is watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. Tomorrow’s weather in New York should be perfect for it, with highs in the mid 40s and very light winds. Those winds are critical in the safe flying of those balloons. A rule was made in 2006 that wind instruments be installed throughout the city to warn balloon handlers of erratic winds that could cause them to lose control of their balloons. If the winds get high the balloons are lowered closer to the ground. If the winds are forecast to gust higher than 34 mph the balloons are removed from the parade.  The only time balloons have been removed was in 1935, when a ferocious storm system struck and produced wind gusts to 63 mph and temps in the 30s. I doubt there many people at that parade!

I looked up some other interesting records for the parade. The coldest one was 1972, with temps being in the low to mid 20s for the parade. The next year was one of the mildest ever, with temps in the 60s (the warmest parade in 40 years, in fact).  The snowiest was 1989 when nearly 4.5″ of snow fell just before the parade. This snowfall turned out to be the biggest one they would see all that winter. In 1990, just one year after the snowiest parade, the temperature climbed to nearly 70 degrees. The wettest parade was in 2006, when nearly two inches of rain fell on the parade.

This year will be the 91st parade. There will be 8,000 people in the parade and an estimated 3.5 million people watching along the route! Another 50 million will be watching by tv. The balloons will be inflated from 3 to 10:00 pm this evening and is open to the public. This is definitely on my bucket list! Ha

I hope you all have a great Thanksgiving and that you are sure to catch that Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade.  Also, be sure and eat too much! And, of course, remember all that you’re thankful for, including the good weather!

I sure would have been thankful for snow but I’ll settle for some boring sunshine….. my day will come… JUST as I typed this I received a text from UPS saying that my weather shirt I ordered will be arriving this evening!!! I’m including a photo of it below. Folks, check out those threads! 🙂


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