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Showers today, BIG cool down next week


You didn’t think I had forgotten to do my forecast for today did ya? (ha) I had an appointment this morning that has caused me to run a bit late with today’s forecast. Everything is still on track from yesterday’s forecast, though. We’re looking at some showers today. At this noon hour the bulk of the shower activity is moving up on the plateau. It should be drying out by this evening. I’m still not expecting much accumulation out of these showers. After today, the next several days look great! Be sure and get and enjoy the weather this weekend. It won’t be nearly this nice for the next one.

The big, and now well-advertised, cool down for next week is still on track. The front will begin bringing cooler air down by Wednesday and Thursday-Friday’s highs will likely not get out of the 30s. That’s quite the change from our 50s and 60s we’ve recently had and will have for the next several days. As for severe weather chances, they look really low. The best chance would be sometime Tuesday but right now I’m not seeing anything that screams severe weather.

The rumors are already flying on social media about snow, too. As of right now, there are  no indications of a winter storm of any kind. We may see some flurries Wednesday night but I wouldn’t hold my breath. I’ll keep watching it, though! Heaven knows I want snow more than anyone else but there’s no sense crying wolf. Or should I say “crying snow?” I’m not going to cry snow. That doesn’t sound right. The point is that I’ll let you know as soon as I see a solid indication of snow! ha

Oh, and there are still winter weather advisories out for the highest elevations of Hawaii. Yeah, another 2-4″ of snow is expected this afternoon. Right now the two places getting snow in the US is the mountains east of Seattle and the Big Island of Hawaii. That just doesn’t seem right! ha

You all enjoy this last day of November!

This is a pic from the peak of Mauna Loa this morning.


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