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Ole man Winter is on his way!


Ole man Winter is on his way, but he’s not here yet! Mild weather will stick with us through Monday, with big changes coming Tuesday.  Meanwhile, I’m hoping this fog will lift out of here this morning and let the sunshine do its thing. It’s definitely a thick blanket of fog!

Looking ahead to next week, especially since the most interesting thing happening right now is fog, it looks like our temps are going to drop like a rock. We could see some heavy downpours of rain late Monday night/Tuesday morning as the front moves through. We might even get a thunderstorm or two around the area. It still doesn’t look like we have severe weather to worry about. But I will keep an eye on that because, just like the last front we had come through, the wind fields are favorable for severe weather but instability looks to be lacking. I’ll let you know if that changes.

So, it’s going to be getting colder, that’s for sure. In fact, highs Thursday and Friday of next week will be in the 30s. That always leads people to ask, “Is it going to snow?”  We actually may have a few shots at seeing some flakes. The first will come Wednesday night when any left over moisture may turn to flurries. I wouldn’t look for any accumulation, though, as these types of flurry events rarely produce anything more than a dusting. The models are consistent in showing two additional disturbances coming through here on Thursday and Friday but they don’t agree on the timing of these systems. Each disturbance has the potential to bring us some flurries and/or snow showers.  I’ll keep an eye on it.

The set-up at the end of next week is one of the most common ways we get flurries/snow showers around here. When winds are from the northwest they hit the plateau, which runs southwest to northeast, at a 90-degree angle, which causes the best rising motion of the winds. Rising air can lead to clouds and snow showers. We call these “northwest flow” events. We rarely get anything substantial out of these events. More often, we get a dusting to an inch (if anything at all). I’ll keep an eye on it. We still have several days to watch it all come together. The big headline is that it’s going to get colder! But, it would be nice to see some flakes flying around in that colder air!

By the way, happy first day of meteorological winter! In meteorology we do our seasons in three-month increments, beginning on the first of the month. Dec-Feb is meteorological winter.

I’ll leave you with some beautiful pics out of Paris. They received their first snow of the season last evening. Huge, wet snow flakes fell across the city.  Snow is an excellent insulator, and so it absorbs sound really well. That’s why it gets so quiet in the big cities when it snows, transforming them into  a city that is unlike anything it normally is. It’s like Nature’s way of giving them a break from the noise and just letting them enjoy the quiet.





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