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A beautiful weekend to enjoy


We certainly are enjoying a beautiful weekend. Make sure you get out and enjoy it! It was the perfect morning to get out for a run and Sunday morning will be too. I saw lots of turkey out wondering about and the lakes are so still and pretty. I hope you’ve been outside or have plans to do so!

By Monday, clouds and winds will begin to increase. It will become quite breezy by Monday afternoon. The winds of change will be blowing, as they say. Rain moves in Monday night and could be heavy at times as we get into Tuesday morning. Showers should linger with us through the day. Temps will drop as soon as this big front passes through, and we will be reintroduced to winter! By the time low temps fall to freezing Tuesday night, most (if not all) of the moisture should be out of here. Still, we might still be looking at a flurry or two.

I was looking at the model data this morning and I’m beginning to think that we have a shot at some flurries on Thursday but our better chance may come Friday. A pretty decent looking disturbance may swing into Kentucky out of Canada and bring us a chance of snow showers. It’s too far out to know for sure, though, and if it swings farther north we won’t get anything. But, it’s nice to take a look down the road and see what our chances look like. Right now, I’d say we have about a 30% chance of seeing some snow flakes fly around here the end of next week. I don’t see any good chances for accumulation, but I’ll keep an eye on it.

This cold spell will likely last several days, so be ready to bundle up and drink lots of hot cocoa!

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