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One more nice day


As you can see from the outlook above, it’s going to feel much more like December by the time we get to Wednesday. But, enjoy the beautiful, warm weather we have in store for us today! The winds will be picking up but they should remain below wind advisory criteria. Winds will remain breezy tonight, and those breezes, along with increasing clouds, will keep us very mild. Lows will stay in the 50s, which will be about 20 degrees warmer than our highs this coming weekend.

I still expect some heavy downpours Tuesday morning when the front comes through. We could hear some rumbles of thunder, as well, but we shouldn’t have any severe weather to worry about on the plateau.  We should see some peaks of the sun on Wednesday and Thursday, but temps will struggle to get to 40 degrees. That’s about 5-10 degrees below normal, so it’s about what you would expect with a strong December cold front.

On Friday, we have another cold front and a disturbance that will swing through here. This will cool us down a few more degrees and bring a chance for flurries and snow showers. These disturbances are called Alberta Clippers because they originate in the providence of Alberta, Canada, which is in the far western regions of that country. They spin up on the leeward side of the Rockies when arctic air comes down from the north. They then spin quickly down into the US, often traversing across the northern US. But, occasionally they slip farther south, just as this one is going to do.  Notice I said it originates in Canada, not in the Gulf of Mexico. Our biggest snows come from the Gulf, not Canada. Therefore, this system will be moisture starved. Never the less, we could see some snow flurries and snow showers as the system quickly swings through. Some places may even see a quick inch of snow with heavier snow showers. The best chance of seeing accumulation will be on the western side of the plateau (ie Monterey) because upslope winds will enhance precip a bit more (your usual places that always get a bit more).

So, get ready for some colder temps! It’s nothing record breaking (for sure!) but it will be a shock to our system to return to December-like temps after it’s been so mild. And look for some snow flakes on Friday and Friday night but don’t get out the snow shovel just yet! (ha) Looking at the extended outlooks, it looks as if temps will stay at or below average for at least a couple of weeks, with highs in the 30s/40s and lows in the 20s. I’ll keep an eye out for any additional snow flake chances.

You all have a great day!

Extended outlook below that runs through mid December. The coldest air stays just north of TN, while the west warms up nicely, even up to Alaska. That warm air will eventually slide eastward.

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