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Cold temps, followed by some light snow


At 8:30 a.m. the cold front is just west of Nashville, where temperatures have fallen into the 40s. We’re still 55 degrees here in downtown Crossville, and so far we’ve picked up about a half inch of rain, with another half inch on the way for today. I expect most of today to be cloudy and wet, so keep that in mind if you have to head outside. Temps will fall as soon as the front passes, which should be sometime this afternoon.

Both Wednesday and Thursday look alright. At least they’ll be dry, with highs being more December-like. It’ll feel colder after the mild temps we’ve had. As we go through the week, more and more cooler air will be filtering down from Canada.  A blizzard yesterday has left much of the northern Plains snow covered, so our northerly winds will be coming off snow pack. That’ll help the colder air have a bit more of a bite to it. By Friday, skies begin to cloud up as our next system approaches.

I think any winter precip will hold off until after dark on Friday. I may have to back that up a bit into late Friday afternoon, but I’ll hold off on that for now. This is another cold front with a disturbance riding along it. Temps will be cold enough that any moisture should be frozen. Snow flurries could begin as early as Friday evening, but the best chance of snow should come Saturday. I wouldn’t be surprised to see the plateau pick up 1-2 inches of snow, with the higher amounts being on the western side of the plateau (ie. Monterey). It’ll be a cold, blustery Saturday, so bundle up if you’re heading out to the Christmas parade in Crossville. It’ll be perfect weather for a Christmas parade, as long as you don’t mind Christmas-like weather! ha

Looking a bit farther down the road…. Both Saturday and Sunday night will be very cold. We’ve already seen temps in the upper teens a couple times this season, and we’ll see those again this weekend.

Everything is actually right on schedule this winter. We usually get our first good shot of cold air in the first two weeks of December, as well as a light snow event. Unfortunately for the kids, the snow will be on a Saturday. We used to call that a wasted snow because we couldn’t get a snow day for it (ha). We’re not going to break any records with this cold spell, but we will be in for a bit of a shock after the mild weather we’ve had. And, of course, if you’re wanting some entertainment you can go hang out at the grocery store Friday evening and watch the panic (haha).

By Monday, highs will rebound back into the 40s, with lots of sunshine.

Basically, as of right now, confidence is high that we’ll get light snow, and confidence is increasing that we’ll get our first light snow accumulation Saturday. Remember, the persimmon seeds said we would get lots of snow this winter! Lord knows last winter about killed those of us who are snow birds. Two inches of snow for an entire winter season is absolutely unacceptable! We may get as much snow Saturday as we did the entire winter last year! I’ll keep you posted on the snow and let you know if anything changes.

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