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A chilly forecast


This morning we’re starting off with temps in the lower 30s and very cloud skies. Looking at the satellite, I just don’t see these clouds breaking up anytime soon. Hopefully, we’ll see some peaks of the sun tomorrow.  The trend is for clouds to stick around for the next several days and for temps to run a few degrees below normal. The coldest air will be felt Sunday morning, with temps dipping into the teens by sunrise.

The colder air Saturday night is being ushered in by another cold front. This cold front is associated with a disturbance coming out of Canada. Like I mentioned in previous blog posts, moisture is limited with these Canadian systems. They also tend to go more north of us, as I mentioned yesterday. It now looks like this one may not want to dive as far south as we had hoped (if you want snow).  Of course, in order to get a really good snow, we need a system to pull northward out of the Gulf of Mexico, and we’re simply not seeing anything of that sorts. Never the less, I still think we’ll see some snow flakes with this system Saturday. I worry that our temps will prevent any accumulation, along with the limited moisture.  I also worry that our air may be so dry that much of the moisture that we do see may evaporate before it reaches the ground. Our air has really dried out a lot since our rain yesterday and it will be even drier by Saturday. Snow flakes are about 90% air, which makes them easy to evaporate in dry air.

The bottom line is that we’re definitely in for some chilly temps, and we may even see some snow flakes, but we’re definitely not looking at any travel problems from the snow. Just be patient, our chance for some good accumulating snow will come sooner than later.

As I mentioned earlier, we should see our coldest temps so far this season by Sunday morning, so make sure your neighbors (esp the elderly) are staying warm and that your outside fur babies are taken care of.  Yet another weak disturbance will move in Tuesday, bringing another chance of light wintry precip and another reinforcing shot of cold air.

In other news, many of you have probably heard about the devastating fires in California. High pressure situated over the mountains east of southern California is sending winds racing through those canyons and into southern California. The air sinks as it moves out of the mountains, drying out and heating up as it does so.  To make matters worse, the wind speeds up as it is channeled through those canyons. It’s the perfect recipe for fire disaster. I even read where chains dragging the ground on swing sets could cause sparks and set a fire! Folks, that’s some incredible fire conditions when that can happen! Thousands are being evacuated and hundreds of homes/structures have already burned. The bad news is that these conditions are going to persist, if not worsen, through tomorrow. And there’s no rain in sight. I don’t know about you, but I’ll take some cold and snow flurries any day over fire. Below are just a few of the images coming out of southern California this morning. This has the potential to be the worst natural disaster California has seen in many years. I just read that the 405 Freeway through Bel-Air has been closed and mandatory evacuations have been ordered for for folks living in the multi-million dollar homes there.  These fires are certainly going to be the big story out of the US this week.

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