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Snow update

Many of you have probably heard that snow has been falling to our south throughout the day. The closest it has gotten to us is Knoxville, with some light snow showers reported there. The significant accumulation will stay east of Knoxville. This is definitely an event southerners will be talking about for years to come! Yesterday, models estimated 1-2 inches of snow (at most). Today, we’re seeing numerous reports of 4-8 inches of snow. Travel around Atlanta is almost impossible this afternoon.

The snow will continue to stay away from us this time around. This was a very heavy, wet snow and I’m seeing numerous reports of power outages from that. If you’ll remember, the persimmon seeds said there would be deep snows in Alabama this winter. Them seeds are really starting to make me a believer! ha

I’ve included some snow pics below, for those of you who sympathize with me and wish to the heavens it were here….

And then there’s me….


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