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Our first snowfall of the season!


The big headline today is the light snow that will be moving in here late tonight and Tuesday morning. It’s not a big snow, but it’ll be enough to whiten the landscape and make it look more like Christmas!

But first, today will be rather nice, with temps warming up pretty well ahead of Tuesday’s system. The only downside will be the gusty winds this afternoon, making it feel much cooler. Those gusty winds should continue right on through Tuesday, making the sub-freezing high temps really have some bite to them. I wouldn’t be surprised if the kids get their first school snow day Tuesday! I’m expecting a half inch of snow, with some places getting closer to an inch.

On Wednesday, the sun come out again but it will not be enough to warm us out of the mid 30s. Yet another system moves in late Thursday with another chance of flurries or light snow late Thursday night and Friday morning.

Something else that you can see streaking across the sky this week is the Geminid meteor shower. It peaks Thursday night but you can see them any night it’s clear this week. We should have some excellent viewing opportunities tomorrow night and Wednesday night. It’s the best meteor shower of the year. I’ll be reminding you again as the week goes along. Those clear, cold nights are the best for viewing the sky.

So, the big headline this week is the chance for our first light snow event Tuesday morning, followed by another shot of blustery, cold air. I was looking at the records and our record low for this morning is two degrees below zero on Dec. 11, 1962. Thank goodness we’re not going to be THAT cold!

I’ll keep you posted on the snow for tomorrow! By the way, did any of you catch the sunset Sunday evening? My phone doesn’t do it justice but it was incredible. The sun’s angle this time of year really gives us some cool cloud colors in the mornings and evenings.



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