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The threat of snow has passed

Well, you win some and you lose some in the weather business. Today was a lose.  The winter weather advisory expired at 10:00 a.m. , as it should. There was talk of extending it but there’s no need. The cold air was too slow to arrive this morning and we really needed it to get here earlier to squeeze the moisture out of the air for snow.  Cold air can’t hold moisture and so it “squeezes” it out. Now, the temp is finally down to near freezing but the best moisture has raced off to the east. There never was that much moisture but it would have been enough for a half inch or so if things had lined up. I told you these northwest flow events are tricky! I’ve seen us predict light snow from these events and us get nothing, and I’ve seen us not predict anything and we get 2-4 inches. It’s all about the moisture and the cold air lining up just right.

There have been reports of snow flurries an sleet pellets around the area, but nothing has accumulated.  I saw three or four flakes this morning and started to get excited once, but then they just stopped. The snow forecast is proving a bust for most of the Smokies too, although some of the higher peaks will see an inch or two.

Even colder, drier air is working its way into our area at this hour and we may even see some sun a bit later. It will be a cold and blustery day, so be sure and bundle up good if you have to head out.

Stay strong, fellow snowbirds. We’ll get our snow day sooner than later. Looking at the weather pattern down the road there is great hope of more snow chances. So, today we’re disappointed but we’ll get our snow, Snowbirds. I promise.

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