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A breezy day ahead


You’ll notice the winds picking up as the day goes along. This is from a dry disturbance that will be moving through tonight. It will bring some clouds but we should stay dry. In fact, the next several days now look chilly and dry, with only weak disturbances from Canada quickly moving through from time to time, bringing a few clouds and breezy conditions (perhaps a stay flurry). The next good chance of rain comes Sunday. Temps should be warm enough by then for the precip to be all liquid.

At our weather station here at weatherTAP we bottomed out at 17.2 degrees at 6:08 this morning. That is chilly! But it’s not as chilly as we were on this date in 1962, when we set a December record low in Crossville of….are you sitting down?…….. 17 degrees BELOW zero. Yeah, this morning we were 34 degrees warmer than that! Yikes!  I like colder weather and snow but that’s a few degrees too cold for me. That’s what I call Eskimo weather.

Don’t forget the Geminids meteor shower this week and weekend. Clouds from this disturbance coming through tonight may hinder viewing, but tomorrow night should be good. I went out and looked for them last night and I swear it was so clear you could every single star. However, IT WAS COLD! It took me half an hour to feel my fingers and toes again. I love a good meteor shower but a man shouldn’t have to freeze to death to see one (ha)!

I’m keeping an eye on that Christmas forecast for you. Ignore the social “media’rologists who are forecasting snow for Christmas. We just can’t forecast that far out, but it makes for good click bait on Facebook. The weather does look unsettled for that week, meaning it doesn’t look like it’ll be clear, sunny and “boring”. Whether or not we’re on the warmer side of things or colder side of things remains to be seen.  Stay tuned!

You all have a great day and make sure you bundle up if you have to head out. Those breezes will make it feel much cooler.

And don’t forget our chili cook-off benefit for Jonathan tomorrow! It’ll be perfect weather for a big bowl of warm chili!

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