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Ok, who wished for rain?


Whoever wished for rain must have been really, really good this year. And no, it wasn’t me! You all know I wished for snow. Lord knows I’ve been good, so we’ll see. More on that in a minute.

First, it was foggy this morning! I was driving along and could barely see where I was going when, all of a sudden, this beautiful sunrise just appeared. I tried to snap a pic, and it turned out pretty good. Definitely doesn’t do it justice but when has a phone’s camera ever done a nature pic justice? (ha) Notice all those jet contrails. People are definitely traveling!


Speaking of traveling, we have some big time rain coming. Or, as I like to say, “It gon rain.” That really should be the focus of this Christmas travel forecast. If you have friends and family traveling this week make sure they keep up with the forecast.

We have two main systems to be concerned with.  The first one will move in tonight. Rain will overspread the region and become heavy at times. By Wednesday evening we should see rainfall totals of 2-3 inches across the plateau, with the higher amounts being for areas south of I-40, lighter amounts north of I-40. Winds will pick up on Wednesday, as well, so be aware of that. They will get quite gusty. We may also see some thunderstorms but they should stay below severe limits. The strong/severe storm threat is expected to stay in Alabama.

We get a really nice break on Thursday! It will be very spring-like. But, that is the calm before an even bigger storm system organizes and moves in here on Friday. We will likely see some thunderstorms from this system and some of those could get on the strong side. This is a very potent system. Winds will pick up out of the south, too, and become quite strong as we go through the day. Friday is not a day you want to be out shopping! Total rainfall from Friday could be in the 2-4 inch range, if not higher. By Sunday morning, we may be looking at total rainfall for this week being in the 4-7 inch range.

I don’t even want to think how much snow that would have been! One inch of rain generally equals 10 inches of snow.  I can’t bring myself to do the math without crying. (ha)

So, then there’s Christmas weekend. Saturday looks wet but we may be drying out some by Sunday. The latest model guidance brings colder air in here Christmas Eve and that may bring some flurries on Christmas. It’s certainly not set in stone, but there is that chance of flurries. I’m certainly not seeing potential for a big snow but I’d be happy with flurries and cold. After Christmas we may see some of the coldest air of the season. If we can get some moisture with that cold air it would certainly be snow or ice. I’ll be watching it close!

Oh, by the way, this cold front we have coming for Christmas isn’t the first one we’ve had that dropped our temps dramatically. On this day in 1924 a strong cold front swept across Tennessee. Nashville’s afternoon high of 67 degrees dropped to 17 degrees by midnight! Now that’s a shock to the system!

Like I said, I’ll keep an eye on that snow flurry potential for Christmas. Snowbirds, you’re going to need to cross your fingers, do your snow dance, find some four-leaf clovers….whatever you have to do if we’re going to see those flurries on Christmas. But, at least there’s a chance!

Anticipated total rainfall for this week (tonight-Friday night)


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