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A rainy day


Today will certainly continue to be a wet one, although the heaviest rain has moved off to our east.  For the rest of the day we can look for showers. The system has evolved in such a manner that the winds will be light today. Yesterday it looked like we may have some breezy conditions to deal with, but that no longer looks likely.

The winds will be picking up for Friday, though! A very potent storm system will move in on us during the day and bring gusty winds and very heavy rainfall. This all follows a warm, quiet day on Thursday. We may see some thunderstorms on Friday, as well, and they could become strong, although heavy rainfall is by far the greatest threat. We’ve picked up just under an inch so far today and that total will likely go up to the 1.25-1.5 inch mark by the end of today. This rainfall and the 2-3 inches we may pick up Friday could lead to some flooding. I’ll keep you posted on any flood watches that may be issued for us.

By Saturday night, the arctic cold front will move through and send temperatures plummeting for Sunday. Any leftover moisture will change to snow flurries, though I’m not seeing much chance of any accumulation at this time. Those flurries may continue into Christmas morning, unless drier air makes its way in here and puts an end to the precip. That is a very likely scenario. But, at  least we may see some flakes on Christmas Eve. It sure will be a cold Christmas Day, with highs barely getting above freezing, after a morning low of 20. I think we’ll see some sunshine Christmas Day and that will make it look a little warmer than it is outside. I’ll keep monitoring this whole Christmas forecast and I’ll let you know if our snow chances increase or decrease. Right now, I’m definitely not seeing a big snow accumulation, but a dusting or so of snow would be nice!

I was looking at some records this morning and found a doozy from a cold front that moved through the Midwest on this day in 1836. On that day,  a cold front moved across Illinois with 70 mph winds! The front swept through at noon and dropped the temperature from 40 degrees to zero degrees in a matter of minutes! Folklore says that settlers who were caught outside froze to death, with some men frozen into their saddles. Chickens froze in their tracks. Streams froze to a depth of at least six inches in just  few hours. That was a heck of a cold front!

I also meant to share yesterday that the mountain peaks above 12,000 feet got slammed with snow again Monday night, Tuesday, and last night on the Big Island of Hawaii. They get snow up there in the winter, but it’s a bit unusual to be this early in the season and having their second winter storm of the season already. They had up to two feet of snow, some of which was so heavy it was accompanied by thunder and lightning (thundersnow) and blizzard conditions. I would love to have been there! Can you imagine telling your family and friends you’re going to Hawaii for Christmas and then send them pics of you building a snowman and having snowball fights? They’d NEVER believe you ever went to Hawaii! 🙂

One last note, if you’re looking for a good day to get out and finish any shopping, etc you have left to do, Thursday is your best day. Friday will be the worst day.

You all have a great day!  If you see Santa tell him I want a Doppler radar for Christmas, as usual. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve asked for this over the years. I’ve been SO good this year, so maybe this will be the year? Never the less, remind him if you see him.  Thanks!


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