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Locked in an arctic blast. And it’s only going to get colder!


Wow, once that arctic front blew through here Christmas Eve, that locked us into a bitter cold air mass for the next several days. In fact, today should be our warmest day for the next week or so. We will barely get above freezing for daytime highs this week, with bitter cold overnight lows. Don’t forget to check on the elderly and your pets. Make sure your pets have water, as their water will be freezing hard each night.

By the way, how about that little dusting of snow we woke up to Christmas morning? That was pretty awesome!

The big headline this week will be the next arctic blast coming New Year’s weekend. Between now and then, we have a slight chance of flurries Thursday night, with no accumulation expected (unless we get another dusting). But, New Year’s weekend may bring us our first accumulating snowfall. The models are not agreeing, so it’s hard to say for sure. One model has us in a snowstorm over the weekend, another has us in nothing. I’m leaning toward light snow with light accumulation and bitter, bitter cold temperatures. In fact, we’ll likely dip into the single digits for lows by Tuesday morning next week! Of course, any moisture that interacts with that air mass will be snow, so I’ll be watching that all very, very closely!

Stay tuned for the weekend forecast. If you have travel plans, check the weather forecast often, as things can change quickly this time of year. Just keep in mind that bitter cold temps are here to stay a while, with even colder temps coming New Year’s weekend. Also, keep in mind that wintry weather may affect travel plans this weekend, as well.

I’ll be keeping an eye on it!

Meanwhile, check out these pics from the Mt. LeConte Lodge in the Smoky Mtns Christmas morning. They woke up to 1 inch of snow and a temperature of 5 degrees! But, what a view!

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