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A forecast fit for a polar bear!


If you got a polar bear for Christmas, that is one lucky bear! It is cold outside, folks! The low temp here at TAP this morning was 22.1 and that occurred just before many of you got here, at 6:32 a.m.  We had yet another arctic front move through last night and the cold air is still filtering in. We’re just 24 degrees right now and I don’t see us climbing much above that, even with some sunshine.  Tonight is going to be bone chilling cold! Some of you will slip into the upper single digits territory.  We’ll have even more single digit overnight lows the beginning of next week. In fact, some of us will be zero degrees Tuesday morning. This is the kind of weather where we need to make sure our elderly neighbors are staying warm, and that our pets have good shelter and available water.

So, if it’s going to be this cold it might as well snow, right? Ma Natures says, “Nope.” Models have been struggling with the weekend forecast and whether or not we would get snow with the next big arctic blast coming Saturday. This morning they’re coming into better agreement and it doesn’t look good for us snow lovers. Most of the moisture looks to stay to our south, forced to the coast by the arctic blast. I still think we’ll see some flurries/light snow, but significant accumulation looks unlikely.

The arctic air will stick around through next week, so I’ll have to keep an eye on any moisture that may try to sneak up here from the Gulf (our good snows!), or any moisture that may try to accompany any disturbance from the north (our little bitty snows). Indications are that things could be looking interesting by this time next week, with moisture from the Gulf trying to move north into this arctic air. But, that’s a week away and it’s hard to say anything for certain at this point, for sure. I’ll be watching it, though!

The big headline  for now, and the next 7 days, is the cold weather. If you have New Year’s Eve plans, make sure you prepare for the bitter cold air, especially if you plan to be outside. Once we drop below freezing on Saturday, we’ll remain below freezing until at least next Wednesday. That means afternoon high temperatures won’t even climb above freezing.

I hope you all enjoyed our little dusting of Christmas snow! I was tickled with it. What were the chances we’d get that on Christmas morning? I may not have gotten my Doppler radar for Christmas (again, sigh) but I did get some snow! I’ll take it. Seattle, Washington had their first white Christmas in nearly a decade and the first back-to-back white Christmas Eve and Christmas Day in their history! I bet those snow birds were excited! And then there’s the lake-effect snow that has been hitting the east side of Lake Erie lately. Some places have seen 5 FEET of snow in the past couple of days!!! I would have a heart attack. Can you imagine? Here are some pics I found on Twitter from the event. Wow!

You all have a great day and stay warm!







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