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Wind chill advisories for your New Year’s Eve


This is one of the coldest ends of a year that we’ve seen in many, many years. One thing that is a bit unusual for this cold spell is that we don’t have snow on the ground. Often, when we’re this cold for this long we have snow pack, which helps keep us colder. As we all know, snow is white. The color white is excellent at not absorbing radiation from the sun, which keeps things much cooler than they would otherwise be. That’s why you wear white instead of black in the summer. A lot of folks think that’s snow’s icy nature makes things colder, but it’s actually it’s color that is most efficient at sending the sun’s radiation back into space, keeping it from doing it’s job; warming us up.

The trend this week continues to look bitter cold and dry. The warmest day of the period will be Wednesday, when we will climb up to near the freezing mark, but I don’t think we’ll make it to freezing. Wednesday will be a bit warmer because we will be just ahead of yet another arctic front and winds will switch to the south for a bit. Then, those winds will turn to the north Wednesday evening and temps will once again plummet.

Looking ahead, Friday and Saturday will feature continued cold conditions and dry. We should finally climb into the low to mid 30s on Saturday. That will be our first opportunity to get above freezing since yesterday.

It looks like we will finally see a storm system move out of the Gulf and affect us as early as next Sunday. However, it looks as if temps will have warmed enough by then to give us mostly rain, our first precipitation event of the new year. We need it, as it’s starting to get a little dry.

Keep in mind that a wind chill advisory is in effect for tonight and Monday night. This means you could suffer hypothermia and frostbite in a short period of time. And remember the four Ps; people, pets, pipes, and proper heating. Check on those who may not be able to warm themselves, keep those outside fur babies in shelter and fresh water, protect your pipes, and ALWAYS use safe heating methods. There are always folks who lose their lives in these cold snaps due to carbon monoxide poisoning or from house fires.

You all stay safe and warm through this arctic blast! And have a very happy New Year’s Eve!

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