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Afternoon Update: more flurries in the morning

You may have noticed a snow flurry on the 5-day outlook in this morning’s blog post. Those flurries were forecast with the anticipation of a disturbance expected to impact us Friday morning. That disturbance is moving across the Midwest at this hour and is moving southeast. It’s not a strong disturbance, but it should kick off some flurries, perhaps similar to this morning’s flurries. Thisis what it looks like on satellite.


You may also notice the big storm in the Northeast. It is now being compared with the blizzard of 78 that impacted that area. I’ll have more on that in the morning.

The system we have moving in Sunday still looks ominous for snow and ice. I still think we’ll see snow develop Sunday night, followed by snow and sleet, eventually transitioning to freezing rain by Monday morning. The wintry mix should transition to rain by Monday afternoon (if not by mid-morning), and end as light snow Monday night. What a messy day! As you can probably tell, a lot can change and I’ll have all the latest in the morning, including timing updates and precip amount updates. Right now, it all looks like light precip. Stay tuned.

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