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*Update on Sunday’s wintry precip*

I hope you’re staying warm today! We hit a high temperature of 21 at 1:29. We’re now 20 degrees and slowly falling. We should get down to around 5 degrees by Saturday morning.

The latest guidance this afternoon suggests that we may be looking at light freezing rain/drizzle lasting for a few hours. In fact, it may be closer to noon on Monday before we climb well above freezing. We certainly hope to do so much earlier than that. The ground is very cold and as long as the air temp flirts with the freezing mark, we’ll have travel troubles.  The precip continues to look light. I still believe the biggest impact will be to travel.  Another thing this afternoon’s guidance shows is that precip may not even start until after midnight Sunday but timing systems as they move in at night is very tricky. Humidity increases at night and that can sometimes speed up the arrival time of precip.

Keep in mind that this continues to look more like a light freezing rain event that will transition to plain rain by Monday afternoon, hopefully sooner. It could still start out as some light snow/sleet, but the duration of that looks quite limited.

Right now, ice accumulations of about 1/10″ are expected.

I’ll be updating everything tomorrow and Sunday, so be sure and either subscribe to or check on my blog at 

This continues to be a challenging forecast, with many changing variables, so stay tuned.

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