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*Update on Friday’s Winter Weather


I’ve added some updates, including adding a wintry mix of precip to the noon time period tomorrow, as well as lowering Monday’s high temp a bit. Both are based on the latest guidance coming in this morning and afternoon.

I had mentioned in this morning’s blog that we might be alright up to 3:00 pm. I’m going to have to back that up further and say 1:00 p.m. The front is progressing nicely and the 32-degree line is keeping up with it quite well. It had looked like we would stay above freezing for a while after the frontal passage. That no longer looks likely.

Once the front passes, temps will plummet 20-30 degrees in one hour. Don’t focus on tomorrow’s high temperature because that will occur early in the morning. Road conditions will deteriorate rapidly once the front passes.  That’s why I’ll be tracking that freezing line all day tomorrow, giving you a big heads up for when it will be coming through here. Rain will change to a wintry mix sometime around noon to 1:00 p.m. Then, sometime around mid to late afternoon it will change over to light snow.

The NWS has now upgraded all of West Tn and parts of western Middle TN to a winter storm warning. This is an upgrade from the watch that was issued earlier. We have made it up to 58 degrees today and that will be our high temperature. Nashville is currently 69 degrees! I have a temperature map below with the 32-degree line marked. Notice how temps drop as that front passes! I can’t emphasize enough how quickly the weather will go downhill when that front moves through. Stay tuned tomorrow for updates on the progress of that front.

East TN will be added to the winter weather advisories, as well. They’re actually discussing that right now. A conference call at 3:00 p.m. is scheduled with the Nashville NWS and emergency management. These calls usually prompt schools to start announcing closings for the next day. Nashville schools said they’ll make an announcement soon. They only have 5 snow days and they used one for the eclipse. I included a map below of schools that have already closed for tomorrow (they’re shaded in black).

The last image shows a satellite view of the US. The red arrows show the subtropical jet streaming in from the south. That jet will be slow to move east, as bitter cold, arctic air slides underneath it. That is what will bring us a wintry mix, changing to light snow.  I’ll keep you posted!





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