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A wintry Saturday


Light snow continues across the Cumberland Plateau this morning. Additional accumulation will be quite light. The dry slot that I showed in one of yesterday’s slides rotated through here and really cut down on our chances of freezing rain yesterday, that was great! Though we still had some freezing drizzle that created some slick spots. The bad news for us snow lovers is that the dry slot also ended up cutting our snow chances down. Those dry slots rotate around storm systems and can wreck havoc on a snow forecast. Still, it’s nice to see flakes falling out there this morning and a nice coating on everything. Thank goodness we didn’t get the mess they got in West TN, with ice and snow making a travel nightmare! My forecast yesterday of 1-2″ by Sunday morning looks overly optimistic (for us snow lovers) but an additional 1/4″ this morning isn’t completely out of the question. The disturbance dropping in today will provide some light snow this morning, followed by flurries this afternoon.

I left the “caution for travel” banners on tonight and Sunday morning, just in case some roads are still a bit slick or become slick with this morning’s light snow. Plus, with the bitter cold temps coming tonight and Sunday morning, it can be dangerous if you have car trouble on the road. With temps that cold it doesn’t take long for hypothermia to set in, especially if you’re not dressed properly. I cant’ imagine even trying to change a tire with a temp of 10 degrees.

Speaking of being prepared… Be sure you’ve remembered the three ‘Ps’ for tonight and all of next week. Make sure People are staying warm, that your Pets are taken care of, and that you’ve protected the Pipes. People, Pets, and Pipes.

The coldest air of the season is set to arrive Tuesday night. This will be the first time we’ve gone below zero in a long time. I need to look that up, actually. I’m sticking with zero for a low but I will likely drop that to -5 in the coming days, depending on the new guidance that comes in.

Light snow returns Monday night and Tuesday with that next arctic blast. Accumulations look very light, once again, though we may see 1 inch or so across the plateau. If we get any snow on the ground, it will ensure that Tuesday night’s low goes a little bit below zero.

I got out and took some pics this morning around the farm. It’s not much snow but it sure is pretty! As I’m typing this I looked out the window and our spruce is covered with a dusting of snow and four big red birds. What a site! Darn things fly off every time I try to get a picture… ha



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