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A wintry forecast


I hope you all are having a good, warm Sunday morning!

You’ll notice a lot of yellow cautions on the forecast today. Most of those are for the cold temperatures. When temps get as cold as what we’re going to see, it’s just dangerous to be outside. Can you imagine something as simple as having to change a flat tire at temps near zero? Or what if the power grid gets too loaded and we lose electricity for even a short period of time? That’s happened in places around our area with the last few arctic blasts. That’s just dangerously cold air, folks. Make sure you’re ready for it.

We also have a couple of interesting features to talk about this morning. First of all, you’ll notice I’ve put a snow flurry and the initials “p.m” on today. I started to do that yesterday but hesitated. We have a weak disturbance coming out of the north (again) and it will skirt to our north tonight. It looks like the combination of interacting with the plateau, and just a dab of moisture, will create some flurries tonight, perhaps even a snow shower or two. A dusting of accumulation is possible, as every flake will surely stick!

The bigger news is the system dropping out of the north for Monday night and Tuesday. This will be a very light, dry snow. Normally, one inch of rain equals 10 inches of snow. With systems like this, one inch of rain equals 15-20 inches of snow. That is the case with this one. My point is that, while this system (like all systems out of the north) is very dry, it only takes a little bit of moisture to give us some snow. Widespread one inch amounts are certainly possible. We might even see isolated amounts of up to 2″ along the western edge of the plateau. This is the kind of snow that just blows off the road, so hazardous roads shouldn’t be a huge problem, though you should still be mindful of possible slick spots.

The bigger headline should be (as has been the case all winter…sigh) the cold, arctic air. If we get any snow at all on Tuesday, we’ll go a few degrees below zero Tuesday night for the low. This looks to be the coldest blast we’ve had so far this season. Remember, people, pets, pipes.

We warm up again for next weekend, with highs perhaps getting into the 50s! BUT, guess what? Another arctic front arrives at the end of the weekend, plunging us back into winter.

You all stay tuned to my Facebook and weatherTAP posts this week! I’ll be arriving at Cape Canaveral tomorrow afternoon and will be touring the Kennedy Space Center facilities Tuesday. I’ll be posting all about the trip. Blog update times may be a bit erratic through Wednesday, as I don’t know how busy we’ll be. For those of you who don’t know, I was selected as one of only 20 members of the media to privately view the GOES-S satellite that will launch in March. These satellites are revolutionizing meteorology and  I can’t wait to see where meteorology goes from here!  I am so excited and I can’t wait to see the satellite and the Space Coast. I’ve never visited the Kennedy Space Center or anything in this area and I am so incredibly excited!  I’ll keep you all posted!

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