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Afternoon update

At about 1:15 this afternoon we made it above freezing! The temperature is now 34 degrees and we may even rise a degree or two higher than this. We’ve come a long way since our morning low of 5.3 degrees, which occurred at 6:09 a.m.

I’ve attached a screenshot of our GOES-16 satellite visible satellite this afternoon. You can see the snow on the plateau, just barely showing up on satellite, but it’s still showing up! You may notice that the snow across West TN and Kentucky shows up much better. That’s because they have a lot more snow than we do.

While I was gone, you all had the system that brought snow to the plateau Tuesday morning.  It ended up dropping several more inches across western Kentucky and southeast Missouri, which surprised those folks because they were only supposed to get an inch or two.  In tomorrow morning’s blog, I’ll explain how those folks ended up with a big surprise snow, and why these events make a meteorologist very nervous, including myself!

You all have a great afternoon and night! The warming trend is here and it only gets warmer from here!


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