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I’m back and better weather is following me!


On Tuesday, it was sunny and in the lower 70s at Cape Canaveral. The sunshine and palm trees were so beautiful. I left there yesterday and their temp started dropping. This arctic blast that hit us so hard finally arrived there. This morning they’re under a wind chill advisory because it feels like 27 there. And they have freeze watches all the way down to south Florida for tonight. Now, I’ve come back home and our temps are already on the rise! Check out that 5-day outlook! I think a lot of folks are ready for those 50s! The only caution I put on this outlook was for the cold start we’ll have in the morning, in addition to slick back roads. Some of that snow will moisten up today with the sunshine and warmer temps, so refreezing tonight could be a problem in the morning.

Rain chances come back on Monday and that rain could be a bit heavy, with isolated t-storms even thrown in. The good news is that the system bringing that rain will not be followed by another arctic blast. Temps next week should be around normal.

I have a lot to tell from our trip and I’m organizing it all in a summary report, so that it will be easier to read. I’ll let you know as soon as I get that wrapped up.  I also have tons of pictures to go through and I was able to interview several scientists with the project. I’ll get all that sorted out in the coming days. The actual launch of GOES-S is planned for March 1st and I hope to be there to see that. I’ve never seen anything launched before, so that would be an incredible experience. We went to Kennedy Space Center after I saw GOES-S and they bused us out to the launch pads that NASA and SpaceX uses. We got to see the launch pad that will take us to Mars, which to me was just mind-blowing. The current plan is to get us to the Red Planet in about 12 years or so. We even got to see a SpaceX rocket on the launch pad and it will be launched this evening, if everything goes by schedule.

I’ll have so much tell about our trip in the coming weeks, leading us right into the launch. This satellite will contribute things to atmospheric science that are unlike anything we’ve ever seen. If you’re unclear on what GOES is, you won’t be by the time I’m through with ya! haha

Pictured below are the scientists we were able to meet and interview. Speaking with them was humbling and inspiring. They were some of the nicest folks I’ve ever met.


Pictured below is me, in the bunny suit gear. The GOES satellite is that big black square in the back.


Another picture of GOES-S. I took a lot of pics of it and I zoomed in on certain features that I’ll share with you in the weeks to come.


I didn’t realize until I got home last night that the last pic I took with the camera was this sunset. An appropriate final pic for an incredible trip!


I took these pics with my phone as we were flying home. This is what our snow-covered landscape looks like from 39,000 feet. Pretty cool, huh?

You all have a great day and enjoy the snow! It won’t be here for long…..


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