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Afternoon update

The band of heavier rain that we’ve been watching on radar has now cleared the area. However, more clouds and isolated showers will hang around into tonight.  We may even have some flurries on Tuesday. Expect winds to increase this evening and overnight, possibly becoming quite gusty.

On the map below, you can see Tuesday’s weather out over Oklahoma and moving eastward.


An impressive looking storm system today, for sure. Look how far south the moisture is! Those clouds you see in Illinois are strong storms under the pocket of cold air. The clouds over Nebraska and Minnesota are above a paralyzing blizzard that is even producing thundersnow. You’ll see all that in the news tonight. I drew arrows on the map to show you how vast the circulation around this storm is. Quite impressive, indeed!


Finally, the National Weather Service storm survey teams have just confirmed that at least two EF-1 tornadoes occurred with Sunday’s storms across Arkansas and Missouri.  There are still other reports that haven’t been confirmed yet. No deaths or fatalities have been reported. We should be grateful that it weakened before reaching us.



You all have a great evening!


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