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An interesting week ahead



Our rain showers will be moving out by around noon today, if not perhaps a bit sooner. Clouds will be stubborn to leave today, so it may be a struggle to see any sun. The cold front will move through later this morning but, since this isn’t an arctic front, you won’t notice too much of a difference. We will fall below freezing tonight but all the moisture will be gone by then. On Monday, another disturbance and cold front drop in from the north. Models continue to suggest that we may get some light snow out of this system, but the moisture looks so starved. Never the less, stay tuned as I may have to add in light snow for Monday night with perhaps a dusting of accumulation. Temps turn colder behind that front but those temps begin to warm by the middle of the week, just ahead of our next storm system that will move in here on Thursday.


Last night’s rainfall will help toward our January rainfall totals. I’ll have to wait until I’m in the office in the morning to see how much this rain has helped. I certainly see us finishing the month well below normal on precipitation. I’ll try to have more on that tomorrow.

I have two things to keep an eye on this week. Now that this system is wrapping up, all eyes will be on Monday night and Thursday night. The system Monday night will have the most impact across Kentucky, where the best moisture will be. Still, even they aren’t expecting much snowfall accumulation at all.  Still, we could see some flakes flying and I’ll have to watch that closely. I don’t foresee anything significant, by far, but it only takes a dab of snow to make a travel headache.

After that system passes, all attention will turn to Thursday night. Temps will certainly be warm enough for rain during the day Thursday but there are some indications that temps may cool enough for some snow Thursday night. Honestly, we may very well end up with nothing out of that system, but there is the potential for some accumulating snowfall. I’ll keep an eye on it, since it’s still several days away and a LOT can change between now and then. Be prepared for the hype on social media and keep in mind that every time you click on many of those sites they get money from the ads on their site. They get you with the headline and all you have to do is click on it.

Looking way down the road to a week from now, we may be dealing with yet another possible light wintry event. I’ll keep an eye on it, of course.

While there’s no arctic blasts in sight we don’t necessarily need bitter cold air to get snow. As long as we drop to near freezing we can always see some flakes fly. The good news is that if the snow doesn’t come with arctic air, it usually gets gone pretty quick.

February can be a very interesting month and it’s hard to believe we’re just day’s away from diving into the final month of winter. Just stay tuned and I’ll do my very best to keep you prepared and informed!

You all have a wonderful Sunday!


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