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Afternoon update: Turning colder

Our afternoon high of 50 degrees occurred at 12:51pm. Since then, the cold front has passed and temps have been steadily falling. We are currently 47 degrees. Winds are picking up, as well, and will become quite brisk as we go through the evening. Clouds are also on the increase and some sprinkles and flurries will be possible after sunset. The temp will bottom out around 20 by sunrise Tuesday, so bundle up tomorrow morning!

There continue to be no advisories for our area for wintry weather. It’s not out of the question that we could get a dusting, with folks in Fentress County possibly picking up a 1/4 inch. It is important to note that the radar that services all of Middle TN is down for maintenance, so radar returns are from neighboring sites that are farther away. The radar will be down through Thursday. Therefore, take what you see on radar with a grain of salt.

Also, snow flurry activity will be enhanced on the plateau with the northwest flow. Northwest winds hit the plateau at a perfect 90-degree angle and force the air to rise. This could squeeze out a dusting’s worth of snow, whereas other areas of Middle TN won’t see anything because of their lack of elevation to enhance the limited moisture.

You all have a great evening and stay warm!


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